Offsite SEO Management Services

For  SEO Offsite e-commerce or not, these procedures are flexible, depending on client’s needs, budgets and web content

Unlike other seo groups, SEO Manila utilizes manual and ethical techniques. That implies no tricks, no black or gray strategies that will get your site in a bad position or face the horror of Google sandbox. Our vision is to enable the majority of our customers to increase greater search visibility without compromising the site’s integrity.

  1. First Month ( for local site only )

  • Create GMB – start building reputation
  • Build NAP properly, detailed and verified
  • Configure GA, GTM and Console
  • Do competitors analysis and comprehensive audit
  • Keywords Gaps ( local kwd or not )
  • Uproot all referring domains and top 5 competitor’s backlinks for building links

( We never buy links, we build links naturally, organically, free and permanent )

  • Create a Master-Plan for a short and long-term execution after the onsite errors are audited, listed and parked on Google spreedsheet for references.
  • Execute the offsite and onsite plan simultaneously – pls. refer to the onsite SEO checklist below, the whole items  may or may not be applicable to each website, the onsite plan depends on the site’s audited result, the client’s budget or package’s purchased, or if the site is already built for SEO or the site needs to start from scratch.
  • Launching the keywords ranking campaign on SeRanking tool – keywords to optimize onsite and offsite are based on keywords competition analysis sorted out from Google Keyword Planner, keyword gap analysis from campaign tool, semantic keywords from Google auto-complete search, Sovvle and UberSuggest by Neil Patel.
  • Checking, correcting and validating errors on Console, Analytics
  •  Errors are mostly corrected from admin panel, coding, scripts, meta data, et al
  • Finally, creating a Google sheet report for backlinks for each project/website, for weekly updates/reports aside from monthly PDF reporting.

Backlinks Source – Procedures

  • Local Backlinks are all local listing directories available for free or paid. From top 50-100 local citation directories. This includes GMB and YELP account. The backlinks of competitor’s upon launching campaign for each website on SeRanking Tool.
  • Bookmarking websites ( top 50 )
  • Relevant directories ( top 50 )

Competitor’s Linkjuice-building

  • To be able to root out the competitor’s linkjuices from Seranking campaign tool, taking the top 5 competitors and download the files and build backlinks from those relevant and free linkjuices – the referring domains and local backlinks.
  • To be able to root out competitor’s on other platform, will manually do it via Neil Patel’s tool which is free.
  • Competitor’s backlinks are unique,  there were no template to follow except taking them out from top competitors

    2. Second Month or monthly retainer SEO plan

  •  Sending a customized or a monthly PDF ranking report using a paid campaign tool, reports onsite progress and offsite ongoing procedures
  • Continue the onsite and offsite SEO – these may include : local citation , local relevant directory submissions, bookmarking, Quora answers
  • Continue checking on Google Console all meta data errors, sitemaps, scripts, suggested validations, campaign management, disavow links, build inbound and outbound, internal or external links or cross-linking, fixing 404, improving page speed, creating schema markups.
  • Content SEO strategy – h1 h2 tags, title and meta tags, optimize alt image, optimize articles or blogs
  • Launch on Google Search Console – index all pages, sub-pages and validate fix all errors found continously

    3. 3rd Month or Monthly Retainer Plan ( 3 month ) – 6 months – 12 months – Ongoing )

  •  Sending monthly ranking improvement report via a campaign tool and any onsite fixes and development
  • Locate highly competitive keywords with difficulty on ranking, build anchor text on a particular page where relevant keywords are needed, locate the highly search volume page on Console or from campaign tool and focus both on that page and keywords, build backlinks to rank that keywords.
  • Check on Google Analytics metrics what organic keywords, page, countries or demography where conversion or ranking are well-performed and less-performed or what are needed to optimized, corrected or modified.
  • Do social media management and marketing campaign by using Buffer or Hootsuite, daily scheduling of relevant post/s, using top channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram. Optimize all content when needed especially on videos or YT when needed.

( Youtube Optimization –  via TubeBuddy )

Offsite SEO

      4.  4th Month 

  • Sending progressive report on keywords ranking – what are progressing and what are falling and what should be the next plan of attack to carry on for successes and failures, take notes those new-found opportunities on spreedsheet and work on it.
  • Build advanced link-wheel technique
  • Creating 20 articles with seo content  and build 4 wheels for an effective ranking purposes

    5.  5th Month

  • Sending monthly ranking report, both for ranking and traffic via smm channels
  • Create  (1) one 500 words article for submission to only 1 article directory ( the top 1 )  for continues organic linkbuilding procedure
  • Create  (1) PR article to be submitted to free only 1 PR directory ( usually the top 1 )
  • Create 1-2 blogs per month for web refreshing content . Once done – index that page to Google Console
  • Review all keywords ranking, optimize the targeted keywords to rank on h1. h2 et al until we see the keywords ranked on top, review competitor’s site or execute ninja technique if possible to analyze why theirs are ranking and why ours are now after all onsite is done and offsite is ongoing. Search the keyword they are ranking for and the competitor’s page that was ranked and why, what are the looks and designs, amy images and videos, articles and tags, then plan to outrank them by re-creating your page where your keyword/s are less-ranked.

    6.  6th Month

  • Sending monthly ranking PDF report
  • Check GA should there be need to optimize, demography and keywords
  • Ranked at least 10-20 highly competition keywords on top 5-10 of first page
  • Refresh the site’s content with new blog and index that page on Google Console
  • Create another 500 words,  1 article and 1 PR article for submission to 1 article directory and 1 PR directory only

    7.  7th Month ( monthly retainer ) or ONWARDS

  • Regular offsite activities on a monthly basis are:
  • social media posting ( daily scheduling on hootsuite/buffer )
  • monthly blog creation ( 1 blog for web content )
  • monthly article creation ( 1 article for 1 article directory )
  • IFTTF Syndication Network – ( paid )
  • Guest posting ( paid ) campaign
  • Social media paid campaign when needed ( Facebook ads)
  • PPC or adwords campaign when needed
  • Ads free or paid campaign when needed – craiglisting, etc
  • Blog commenting on relevant blog sites ( monthly ongoing but moderately done )

YT  ( video optimization ) when needed

Creating simple video for traffic generation – optimize YT channels